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Failure- The first step towards success

23rd January 2017 07:39

Today is the first day of school for 2017 and for many children with learning difficulties this means a return to the failure room, and the anxiety and feelings of worthlessness that comes with it. Almost every child we see with communication and learning difficulties tell us two things- (1 )They don’t like failing and making mistakes, and (2) they don’t think they can do it. In our opinion these are the two most lethal things a child can think and believe. In order to achieve success, it is important for a child to (1) learn that it is okay to make mistakes, and (2) in order to achieve something you first have to believe that you can do it.

The four people in this picture all had learning difficulties at school, however each one has achieved something extraordinary. Richard Branson- a person with dyslexia, is one of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs. Thomas Edison- failed at school, but lit up the world with the light bulb. Edison once said, “each failure brings me closer to success”. Henry Ford- A dropout who made the automobile affordable for everyone. Les Brown- Declared intellectually impaired and given no hope at primary school. With the encouragement of his mother and a high school teacher, Les Brown learned to believe in his ability and reach his true potential. Les Brown is now one of the world’s leading motivational speakers.

What sets these four individuals apart from others? They learnt that mistakes are the pathway to achievement, and they all believe(d) in their ability to succeed. These two things are crucial for any child with learning difficulties.

With the right support any child can achieve their highest potential. Remind your child that he is deserving of success if he believes in himself and is willing to work for it. Our goal this week is provide tips for parents to help any child with communication or learning difficulties believe in themselves and that success is something they can achieve. If you have anything yourself, please share as well!

Welcome to the 2017 school year. The year to succeed.


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